Green Hill Urban Farm is going on ten years as a thriving urban farm and experimental community homestead, focusing on the production of fruits, flowers, herbs, and vegetables.  Our model of production and distribution is an ever evolving system that through the years has supplied well over 100,000 pounds of product to the local WNC community through our collaborations with numerous land owners and businesses.


For 2015 we are creating and experimenting with a new model of community farming.  We are now a private membership farm and social club, with a yearly membership fee that allows us to be more inclusive to the community at large instead of a small group, with less financial commitment as was the case with our csa. With three levels of membership, finding the right one for you and your family will be easy.


Introducing Buyer’s Club

For 2015 we are premiering our new model of community agriculture, the Urban Farm and Social Club. We hope that it will allow us to be more inclusive to more folks, with less commitment and more freedom, for both our clients and ourselves.  There are three levels to our membership.

The […]